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Drunken Bipolar Haze

Clarity.  We don’t see it often.  After four glasses of wine I am seeing clearly.  Thank god its not whiskey this time or I wouldn’t be able to write.  Too much in my head.  It hurts.  An alcoholic bipolar mess. … Continue reading

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Wondering about this thing called “Life”

The universe.  We are all in it.  Having a bipolar mind, I touched all sorts of extremes that took me beyond this universe.  So since I traveled on my journey, and had to come back this so called “normal life” … Continue reading

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Drunken stupor replay….

So here we go again,  late afternoon, couldn’t run out of work fast enough.  So I decided for the drunken replay.  Sit down peacefully in a diner with a glass of wine and a nice book.  Glass number one.  Looking … Continue reading

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4am and I feel like a screw-up

So I did it, ran off with the White Russian,  Sneaky little bastard he is.  He lured me with all his promises of a good high, instead I ended up a slurred mess with an alcohol soaked bedsheet, which I … Continue reading

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