The “Raunchy” Side of the Internet


What is this thing? My dear friends this is where the predators dwell. I am talking about those sleazy places on the internet where we say we don’t hang out,.(but yeah all of us have cruised on by there). Now over the past few months I have lurking in what Chat Avenue calls “Adult Chat” strictly for research, (okay forgive the few orgasms but they were for educational purposes!), and did you know this place has over 2000 people in it at any time of the day? I mean, I remember the days of AOL Chat when you could barely cram 50 people in a chat and even then it was too crowded. What are these people doing you ask?

Well believe it or not, not all of them are looking to get off. Well most are, I am talking about the “1/2000” here people, work with me. Some just want the company of a female chatter and in the age of sex bots (which destroyed the  Queen Mother of fun chat, Yahoo), and in the age of Tumblr, (do you see what sex positions gifs they got going on there?) and of course good ole porn, men are finding it more and more difficult to engage in a fun conversation with a woman.

Okay let’s clarify some things. “Fun” doesn’t USUALLY mean the same thing to men as to women. Most men think of “fun” as sticking out their ugly dick while jerking it, while we are supposed to be playing with out titties and cooter on the other side of the cam. WRONG. And no, I didn’t say ALL men, I said MOST. Look I like online sex as much as the next freak, but let’s be honest here, what ever happened to a little bit of finesse, suave and good ole swagger? Oh I have seen internet swagger believe you me, (i.e, the nice Australian gent that spent two hours worshiping my breasts through text, oh yes it can be done). But fun can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Take women for example, fun can be a nice intelligent witty banter with a nice gent that turns a bit flirty. That’s fun! Boring you say? Well jerk off alone then! (Because turning flirty with that finesse, suave and swagger can turn into a good roleplay/romp sex chat, just a FYI)

But forget about all that for a second. In the age of Tindering, and online dating everywhere, chat is not supposed to be the be all end all like it used to be back in the day. Sure, you meet someone, exchange a few pics, bodily fluids end up on the keyboard/mouse (oops!) and then they go on your buddy list till the next time you want to cum….errr… talk.  Then when a bond develops and distance doesn’t become a problem, all you do is stare at your computer and scream “When the fuck is this person coming online????????” Those days my friends are gone. AOL and Yahoo and the infamous “buddy lists” are passe. It’s all about the “cum” and “go” aspect of things now. Sure you can argue that Paltalk and Wireclub have the whole “buddy list” thing still going on, but is anyone on that shit? Or even heard of it?  During one of my midnight rantings with one of my girlfriends, I said “so you on Paltalk?” She literally said “WTF is a Paltalk?” I spit out my wine and that was it.

So is internet chatting dead?  Well with places like Chat Avenue around its not totally dead, by why talk in text when you can oogle at tits on Chaturbate? Or just cruise Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for endless hours stalking….errr… talking to people right? And if you’re bored Netflix and chillin’ by yourself, instead of chatting you could be trolling real life dating websites looking for “Ms. Right Now Vagina Wet” , and “Mr. So Wrong That He Really Wants it in Your Ass”. #RealProblems.

Hey look I know I have been out of it for a while, but to my almost 300 followers I haven’t forgotten you peeps. You got me through some hard times, and while this unchained soul hasn’t seen the bottom of her last bottle, there will be more to come that’s for sure!

Stay tuned.

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