Pure Lust

lustInsatiable.  We feel it.  For most of us its controlled, only because of what “society” deems acceptable.   With 50 Shades of Grey, the whole S&M thing got totally blown out into the open.  What do we like about it?  Danger.  It scares us and excites us.

My “beast” is a special girl.  I have separated my sexuality in two parts.  The split is there because she is a danger to me.  I wear a mask everyday and what’s underneath is an animal.  I have been exploring this lately and I am shocking myself. Danger.  She likes to be choked, to be restrained.

You know men have wanted me.  But not in this way.  Not in this way.  This sends chills up my spine.  Being bipolar, I can reach heights, (as am sure most of us really can), of pure ecstasy that no “normal” person can feel.  Is it really part of the mania?  Its like being coked up without the drugs.  The shit is fucking incredible.

I am going to explore it.  I am going to enjoy doing it.  Hell, it will get me out of the depression.  I want to drink to numb it out because, fuck, its so strong.  She is an animal. She is a beast.  She scares me.

If I were me, I would fuck the shit out of myself.  That’s how sexy she is.


Pure Lust.

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3 Responses to Pure Lust

  1. justonvoice says:

    I find this hauntingly beautiful and provocative.I tip my hat to you

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