OKCupid and Masochism, Why Do I Feel Like Getting Rejected Today?

So yeah, I went there.  Ugh.  Just another way to get rejected.  I have the Virginian, but I just had this curious need to go back to OKCupid and see what was out there.  (Insert drumroll, now crickets).  What?  I looked at some profiles and sent two, count them two, well thought out and funny messages.  And you know what I get.  No response.  Its amazing.  If you already feel like shit about yourself, the thing you could do to make yourself feel worse is actually put yourself out there to another human being, and have them hit “Delete.”

Eh, its for the best anyway.  I have so much shit on my brain, so much baggage.  Being bipolar and badshit crazy won’t mesh well with the “Crossfit” guy.  But oh, he was cute. Love the beard!  But the Virginian has the beard.  Fuck.  What the hell am I doing?

Excuse me while I go slap myself in the face for the next 20 minutes or so.

Ok.  So why do we do it?  Are we masochists? I think on some level we are.  We sit there and think to ourselves as we are typing away our message to this stranger, (who is probably a huge douche anyway), “he’s gonna like this, and oh, I am so funny, he will respond right away”.  Yeah right.  Women hardly send out messages so how dare these dicks not respond!?  (Ravenous scream).

Its alright.  Get mad.  Get mad at me guys out there if you’re out there reading this right now.  I am going to be really sexist today.  Sexist Sunday.

It’s ok, I’m just some fucked up bipolar chick anyway, my opinion doesn’t really matter. Or does it? Hmmmmmmm.

Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to OKCupid and Masochism, Why Do I Feel Like Getting Rejected Today?

  1. Stefanie says:

    Are you making any plans to meet the Virginian?

  2. justonvoice says:

    I get absolutely no hits on OKcupid so I know where you’re coming from. I have tried putting myself out there, it only made me want to hide i am so embarrassed. I am thinking of just adopting a bunch of pets and saying screw dating.

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