Part of a Letter…..

Handwritten letterSo this blog is somewhat a part of a diary I am keeping.  Since my writing has been messed up lately because of all the meds, I am going to write something I may never get to mail. As I spoke to my soldier, I told him I would write to him.  I may never see him online again so I just wanted to write this to remind myself of what I felt today.

Dear C,

You have no idea what coming to my life has done.  What it has shown me.  God brought you to me, oh my angel.  I close my eyes and see your smile and I cry.  Moments like this happen once in a lifetime.  I am prepared that I will never see your smile again, but the time of love and laughter we shared was timeless.

You will be with me forever and always,  Our time capsule sealed forever in an ocean of love.

You opened my heart.  Of course I wonder what it would be like to hold you.  Have a real solid kiss.  You know a long passionate one.  I love you,  Wherever you are.  It feels so good to have an open heart.  To allow myself to love again without no expectations.  I am just freeing my love out there for the world to see me in all my nakedness.

Thank you for showing me how to love.

If I never see you again, I will never forget the gift you gave to me.  You made me so beautiful and a man out there will see me.  Maybe it will be you.  But even if it isn’t at least I know its possible.

I love you.



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