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Twists and Turns, Depression, Dating and New Horizons

So I have recently fallen out of despair.  The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster.   So many tears wept, and fighting with my inner light.  My essence has been reaching out to me for me to take care … Continue reading

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Despair in the Face of the Third Rejection

So I really put myself out there.  One after the other I leaped headfirst into the dating pool. It took its toll today.  Between last night and today has been utter despair.  Just crying and crying nonstop.  I have major … Continue reading

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In The Midst of Chaos

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Back in the Thick of Things

So my spiritual path has led me to many different places.  July has been one of the best months in history for me and August is turning out pretty well too.  But its through the Grace of God that I … Continue reading

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My Relationships, with the Holy and the Mortals

Things have been going really well for me lately.  I don’t even know who to thank for it. So I will begin with myself.  The strength I put forward despite the Bipolar.  It has crippled me for years, weakened me, … Continue reading

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Interesting Turn of Events

So I am working on my self-esteem.  The depressive side of the bipolar is slowly fading away.  Thanks to the help of my wonderful mom and sister and even the help of an actual date with a guy from OKCupid. … Continue reading

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