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Embracing The Light in the Face of Rejection

So, its 1:45 a.m., day three after our second date that I thought went well ended.  He saw how fat and ugly I was the second time around. The first date was great but he saw how ugly I was … Continue reading

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First Date…..YIKES!!!

So its about 1pm now and my date doesn’t start till 7pm.  How the heck did I get into this mess?  For someone like me with so many self esteem issues this is really hard.  The guy I know is … Continue reading

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Stillness and Enchantment

Stillness.  Can we do it?  I can’t meditate.  I have never been able to.  Racing thoughts, so many things I’m thinking about running through my mind.  I blame the dam internet.  The damn Paltalk I am addicted to. My group … Continue reading

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Lately, I have been obsessed with a friend of mine.  No its not what you think, its not a guy or anything, but a girl I really connected with.  I crave her attention, I want, I need it.  I’m not … Continue reading

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34th Birthday and It’s Time to Make a Change

So tomorrow it will be two weeks since my 34th birthday.  I had a couple of blog posts prepared but you know how it goes, the words suddenly don’t come.  But sometimes you wake up and realize its just time to … Continue reading

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