Stimulating Conversations

social-media-matters1Don’t we all crave this?  I know I do.  How many times have we found ourselves chatting with a dreadfully boring person?  Boring people are bored.  Constantly saying “I’m bored”, but they are so dreadfully boring themselves.  They just have absolutely nothing to say. Its like you are trying to reach out to them so that they will say SOMETHING to engage you in.  I have been chatting online for years, and no one has come close to my ex, (we met on Eharmony but we constantly chatted on the phone before meeting).  My ex is a great conversationalist even though he would have you believe he is otherwise.  Humble.  Oh so sexy.

But I digress.  Since my ex I haven’t found stimulating conversations online.  Until two days ago.  (Now mind you this little connection is only two days old and he may just vanish before anything really happens).   He is from Australia.  I am in NY.  He is 25, and my 34th birthday is next week.  Sounds like a bunch of red flags right?  WRONG.  Since my ex I haven’t made a connection like this with someone.  And it isn’t even in a romantic nature. He is not just staring at me on cam and telling me how nice I look or how big my boobs are, he is watching me as I am talking, (cam chat), listening intently, and contributing fully to the conversation.  He is so young.  I would never talk to anyone his age.  Because they “type lik dis” and it is really annoying.  Text type is like the worst for me to handle.  I hate it so much.  I hate is with a passion.  Not only does this kid use complete and whole sentences, but when he speaks its so eloquent and clear.  Plus he is cute and the Aussie accent is to die for!  He also thinks I’m beautiful.  With my fat and all.  And when we cam chat, I’m not wearing any makeup and I am at my ugliest.  THAT is the most wonderful part.  Being able to just be me.

Anyway, I am not getting my hopes up, but this experience has made me realize there are so many people out there who don’t know how to carry on a conversation.  They have nothing interesting to say or to contribute.  The “so what’s ups” and “what are you doing now” questions are like pulling teeth.  I am so fucking sick of it.  Read a book, go outside, have an adventure.  Tell me about your life and what your views are.  Don’t just sit there and tell me you’re bored.  I used to think it was me.  That I was the boring one.  Then Aussie guy came along and proved that I was just dealing with the wrong people.  Who knows?  Maybe this connection will last a lifetime.  All I know is that I’m excited.  Excited for what the next conversation will be.  Excited to engage in the next subject matter out of the vast number of subjects out there.  Finally!  Hope has arrived.

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2 Responses to Stimulating Conversations

  1. neceewrites says:

    I absolutely hate ‘text-type’ too, so I just don’t do it. I even make my teens type full sentences when they text me (if their rushed I allow some short cuts). It’s good for them though, forces them to be concise and accurate. 🙂

    By the way, you wrote “He also thinks I’m beautiful. With my fat and all.”

    I think you are beautiful too, and as my kids would say “no homo” lol.

    Take good care and have a fab day!

    • Text type is a complete form of laziness, and you can’t have a decent conversation with a person that way. I appreciate this person for how he thinks and feels about me. But thanks so much for your comment! I hope you have a fab day too.

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