Rockin’ The New Do

up closeRecently I was talking about Positive Affirmations and how they don’t work for me.  I “do” instead of “talk”.  This is my first time sharing a pic of myself on this blog and I’m a little nervous.  But here goes nothing!  I used to have long hair now its shorter.  I am aware the pic is mostly of my face, but hey its the picture I liked the best!

Anyway, if you’re feeling depressed go out there and do something about it.  Treating myself to this haircut made me feel a whole lot better.  And I also bought a webcam so now I can go into chatrooms and try and gain some confidence by being on cam.  Hey how else did you think I got those Skype dates that made me feel so good!  Maybe real life dating isn’t working but online video chatting is working wonders for my self-esteem.  Who needs a real date?

I know.  I know.  I have to go out there and be with the 3D people.  But they suck!  I know. I know.  Cyberworld isn’t real life.  But since I am taking a break from dating for a while, I’m just gonna mix it up and have some fun!  Hope you guys like the “DO” 🙂

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11 Responses to Rockin’ The New Do

  1. Peeksi says:

    Perfect do! I did the same thing recently and it made me feel worlds better. Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. Becky Bee says:

    You look lovely.

  3. neceewrites says:

    I like the “DO”!

    I read somewhere that when a woman changes her hair it signifies that she is emotionally ready for change. Now keep in mine that I may have read it in some weird or otherwise eccentric source, but it has always resonates with me. After I divorced I chopped my hair off. After a really bad break up I dyed it …. so yeah, maybe there’s something to it.

    Take care 🙂

  4. YOU are important. Your LIFE has meaning. YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t give up or get discouraged. Keep fighting on. 🙂 You are a beautiful person.

    I hope you have a beautiful day!!!


    the bbb blogger

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