When Looks Fade

old manDid you ever lash out at a friend?  Did you ever know someone who was walking into disaster and you were powerless to stop it?  People, relationships and marriages, what an awkward complicated thing.  The years go by and suddenly your wife/husband doesn’t stimulate you anymore.   Tricky, tricky thing.  I have a friend with a wonderful wife.  They do everything together, they are best friends.  But that isn’t enough.  What is it with men? Is everything sex?  My ex-boyfriend did the same thing.  He broke up with me because there was no spark and we didn’t have sex.  Eventually I would have come out of my shell and slept with him.  But apparently I wasn’t worth the wait.

But I digress.  I lashed out at my friend tonight in an email.  I don’t even feel guilty about it.  They say you have to be brutally honest with people you care about even if it hurts, because life isn’t sugarcoated. I would be a bad friend if I just coddled him.

He lost some weight.  Some women are paying some attention to him.  Some attractive ones.  Apparently more attractive than his old frumpy wife, (I’m guessing that’s how he sees her now).  You know what?  Get divorced.  See what happens.  You can have a good romp in the sack with all these vixens that you think you are going to get for 5 or maybe 10 years.  But let me ask you this.  What happens when you’re 60, 70, 80?  That frumpy wife, would have been by your side to the end.  (My email didn’t sound like this by the way, I was a lot nicer about it, lol).   He is going to walk into to his empty apartment someday and just cry for no reason.  I see it happening.  But you know what its his life.  Its his decision to make.

Looks fade.  You won’t be hunks and vixens forever.  Remember that.

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