Embracing the FAT

fat and happyYes that’s right folks.  Just do it.  You know I’ve always held off doing things because I was fat.  That trip, that date, that new job.  All cause I’m a little chunky.  So what’s stopping me now?  Nothing I guess.  I did the first step.  I dropped the label “bipolar”.  Now I’ve just gotta embrace the fat.

I am doing things to change my situation, but I am living as well.  Well maybe not as much living as I would like to, because who wants to see a fat girl skydiving?  Hmm.  I can see myself gliding, and there will be a universal “PLOP” on the pavement on my way down.  I know gravity is not my friend.

So if you’re moping around cause you’re fat,  just embrace it.  You’re fat.  So what?  I’m fat, she’s fat, he’s fat, the dog is fat.  Screw it.  Just live.  Life will be over soon, and you will be fat in your coffin.  The pallbearers will all be breaking their backs to cart your fat ass off to the grave.  And what did you do?  You spent your whole life waiting for that moment to be skinny.  Now you’re dead.  And you didn’t even live.  So just be fat and live life.  Love yourself.  That’s what I am going to do.  And who knows maybe I will even get a date? Wink Wink 🙂

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8 Responses to Embracing the FAT

  1. Hmm, true. Meds save our sanity but ruin our bodies. Its a vicious cycle – take meds, feel good, get fat, feel bad. I try and embrace my new shape. Its difficult coming from a background of anorexia. Every now and then I’ll rub my little buddha belly and say “I love you pot belly” in affirmation to myself
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    • Yes absolutely, sometimes we just have to do it. I got fat because of the meds too. They sure did a number on me. But I am not letting it hold me back no more!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I saw pictures. You’re not fat. You’re beautiful.

  3. My meds made me put on a heap of weight and I felt so bad for so long. Now though I realise that as long as I’m healthy I don’t need another reason to be down. Besides, most skinny people I know are not happy and many aren’t healthy so I’m just going to keep rockin the size 18!

    • Good for you! I wish I could, I don’t know what size I am, I know I’m not a size 18, I honestly think I’m bigger than that. I’m just wearing yoga pants these days. But I am glad you have accepted things as what you are!

  4. neceewrites says:

    You’re awesome! Enough said.

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