Lighten up Kiddo

thumbs up sunHave you ever just wanted to lighten yourself up?  Why do you mope all the time?  Why are you so miserable?  Come on Sherlock its not that hard.  Make yourself happy.  Just force yourself, come on.  Everyone needs a little encouragement.

I’m no good at telling myself positive affirmations.  They do crap for me.  Are you like this? But I do things for myself.  I realize I’m trapped at home today on this beautiful nice day, because there are a bunch of idiots out there on the road today.  But I did stay local and treated myself to lunch. Got up out of the pj’s and just went.  Sometimes you just gotta go. Bipolar, depression, just shut the fuck up today will ya?  Lemme get some peace.

I hope you guys ignore your demons today. Love yourself.  Love yourself so dam much!

It is too pretty outside, and its about living in the now.  Now is the time.  Just do it.

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