maleficentMaleficent.  The new me.  Pretty much misunderstood and all fucked up.  I liked the new twist on the story though, definitely worth my 13 bucks for the 3D version at the theater.

Why is this relevant now?  Because I know that life sometimes throws you a bad hand. When is it my time?  When do I get to be Sleeping Beauty?  Possibly never.  I often wonder who would want a woman with so much emotional baggage.

This bipolar is kicking my ass today.  Where are my pills dammit?  That’s right I didn’t take any last night because I decided to party instead.    By party I mean, grab a friend, grab a bottle and veg out in front of her tv getting pretty hammered watching the Lego Movie (awesome when you’re buzzed by the way) all while eating Cheetos.  Sounds like a typical Friday night.  Although, since I’m a bum, my Friday was on a Wednesday.  So sue me.

I am totally depressed today.  Chatting it up with these online guys.  Why I am still searching for a man to hang out with?  I know I will never go out on a date with him.  At least not for a while.  The last two dates have both been disasters.

Does true love exist?  Will true love’s kiss wake me up from this horrible nightmare I call a life?

Hmmm.  I wonder.

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6 Responses to Maleficent

  1. Stefanie says:

    I’m with you on being totally depressed today. I wish I had supportive words to give, but I’m fresh out right now.

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