The Ones I Want Don’t Want Me……

bdsmIs any one out there running into this?  Am I stuck with the guys who say, “are you into BDSM?”  Obviously that’s what’s been happening to me.  I know I know, I said I was going to take a break from the whole dating haitus but there were some cuties on Plenty Of Fish I recently saw!  And they actually had well written profiles!  But alas, they weren’t interested in me.  I may have sent out just 5 messages, but they were well thought out funny messages!  Can I get a few bites people?

Anyway, I am still in the midst of my break (sort of), with just two days left on my Eharmony subscription.   Yeah, I think its time to let that expire.  Time to say bye bye to R, once and for all.  Somehow he got another message to me.  Usually when its my turn to communicate you don’t have the option to send me another message.  Maybe R. figured out a way.  Creep!

Alas, I guess I will go read some more profiles on POF, and torture myself with the ones who won’t message me back.  I guess I am stuck with the “hey beautiful” and the “heyyyyyyyy what’s up” guys.  Or my friend BDSM guy, who when I asked what he did for fun he replies, “its on my profile”, nice comeback JERK, hope you’re on the receiving end of the BDSM with a whip shoved straight up your ass!

Stay tuned……..

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9 Responses to The Ones I Want Don’t Want Me……

  1. Stefanie says:

    I recommend saying “goodbye” to POF too…. There are a FEW good guys on there, but it’s been my experience that they are few and far between. Try out OkCupid. It’s free and a LOT better. 🙂

    • Well you’ve convinced me! I am hereby on OK Cupid too now! I’m giving it a shot and see where I end up. Its so funny, I was taking a break from the whole thing, now look here I am! LOL.

  2. Stefanie says:

    You doing okay? No updates for a bit….

  3. The ones i want don’t want me. Yes, that is the sad truth of relationships. The good news is that you only need to find one that does, but it is very hard. You may have read about my attempt to get back into the online dating scene and the depressing results. Better to be alone than with a jerk. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I think I have read some of your posts. Its hard isn’t it? I have recently given up completely and have nothing to report lately, I am finding that being alone isn’t so bad. Good luck with your adventures too!

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