Being Rejected Every Day

angry girlMy Eharmony account is starting to piss me off.  The guys I am interested in view my profile but don’t contact me.  I am starting to feel rejected on a daily basis.  This is really starting to get to me.  I mean some contact me, but I have no interest in them.  I am just not matching up with anyone.  This is really starting to frustrate me.  I am that unlovable? They shouldn’t tell you who is viewing your profile.  I don’t want to see, I don’t want to know.  And what’s up with them sending me matches without pictures?  UGH.  At least let ME reject someone for the right reasons.

I am aware that this is just a rambling post, and I apologize to my readers.  I needed to get this off of my chest.  Oh yes and a big FUCK you to all those people in relationships that feel the need to shove your love down everyone’s throat.  We don’t need to know you’re so in love on facebook, we don’t need to see you’re in love on a fucking psychological forum where people go who have problems.  RANT RANT RANT.  I am so fucking upset, jealous and annoyed at the world.  Screw you and your love.  I don’t need to see it in my face.

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7 Responses to Being Rejected Every Day

  1. veronica vasquez says:

    I was on Plenty of Fish ( and got rejected plenty of times! It’s good for dating, but not finding a relationship. When you are passed over its more about them than you. Maybe you live too far away or look like their ex. It could be you are too sexy for them and they couldn’t measure up. Who the hell knows? But if it’s hurting you too much, it ain’t worth the trouble. Don’t change who you are, get out there and meet real people. Once you Stop Looking, love will find you. When you actively go searching for it, it’s nowhere to be found.

    • Very true words. Thanks so much! I am doing much better since I wrote this post. I have learned not to go into it with any expectation, just letting things flow like they have to be. I wish I was charismatic enough to go out there and just meet new people, but I’m not. I won’t put so much effort into it though, like I said I will sit back and let things naturally happen. Thanks again for your wonderful advice!

      • veronica vasquez says:

        I’m toying with the idea of joining another dating site. I need a date for New Year’s Eve! I don’t want to be stuck with my cat kissing me after he licks himself! Ha ha. Good Luck to you. These things can’t be rushed….VV

  2. deepexplorations says:

    As someone who has played around with OKCupid I can offer this from a guys perspective: For me, online dating sites are like a shopping mall of women. You get to browse all types and looks, and maybe if you’re lucky you might take one home. I look at LOTS of profiles…I find it kind of addicting, but I’m not rejecting the girls I don’t contact, merely not choosing them. Sometimes I don’t choose them because they don’t look like someone I like. Sometimes I don’t because I don’t like their profile, and sometimes it’s because nothing about them appeals to me. I might look at 100 profiles and only contact one. It might be nice to have men falling all over you, but you wouldn’t want most of them anyway. Look for quality over quantity, and don’t be afraid to try other sites too.

  3. Ibroketheinternetagain says:

    I used several dating sites as well. Looking through hundreds of profiles and only messaging a few frustrates me. It’s not that they aren’t up to my standards, it’s that what I think I have to offer is so little that it’s embarrassing to contact them. Good jobs, collage educations, self supporting, good personalities, there’s no way these women would settle for me, 28 and I live with my mum because I can’t hold down a job with my autism. Page after page of women who are too good for me to bother with my pathetic message, makes it feel all the lonelier.

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