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Being Rejected Every Day

My Eharmony account is starting to piss me off.  The guys I am interested in view my profile but don’t contact me.  I am starting to feel rejected on a daily basis.  This is really starting to get to me. … Continue reading

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Desperate Guys and FAT Girls Trying to Date

Kind of a loaded opening statement I know, but let me clarify. Besides being so fucked up and Bipolar, I recently joined Eharmony and it has been a pleasant experience so far. However I ran into my first desperate guy … Continue reading

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So, I did it.  I joined Eharmony.  A lot of feelings in me was telling me that I wasn’t ready, but I said to myself, “what the hell”.   I met the love of my life on Eharmony, so I … Continue reading

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Memories of a Past Love

So things happen in your life where you are reminded of a love that has long passed.  I was deeply in love with a man for over three years, where there was no sex, no intimacy, just infatuation.  Now people … Continue reading

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What a Failure…..

So its pretty much a bust.  The guy from the Geek 2 Geek site was a total waste of time.  I made the mistake of getting to know him first.  I spent about three weeks on the phone with him, … Continue reading

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