Pic whores

Am I going to date a pic whore?  Really?  Is this happening to me?  Now granted I have only known this guy a couple of days.  We had a few nice conversations on the phone, enjoyed witty text messages, then he goes:  “So what are the odds of you sending me another picture of yourself?”  Um. Zero.  This coming from the guy who has one picture on his profile.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be mad.  I am the one who told him I was 200 pounds at 5 feet. So he asked for a full body pic.  FINE.  I did that.  Now what else do you want from my life? This seems so petty and small but its really bothering me.  What is the obsession with pictures?  Were the 5 yes I repeat FIVE I had on my profile not enough?  I hate pictures. Ugh and I hate men more.

Will I really not meet him because of this?  I really don’t know.

Just wanted to rant a little.

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18 Responses to Pic whores

  1. davidtalks13 says:

    Well perhaps you should just say, “I have 5 on my profile, go look nobhead”?

    • Well, it was funny actually, he was drunk, so I let it slide. I did tell him that I hated pics and that I had several on the site and he only had one on there. So he sent me a pic and said “sorry”. I kind of felt bad. LOL. I’m such a bitch sometimes

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Lol. All girls are bitches from time to time so we guys do let it slide. Glad to see you have sorted things out. I’m sure like all guys he thinks partially with his penis but being drunk too. I mean shit. The guy had no chance.

      • I know right!!! Yeah I let it slide. At first it bugged the crap outta me. Then I got over it. Then in the pic he sent he didn’t look a lot like his profile pic, so I was bummed out, Then I got over it. I am extra bipolar today it looks like!

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Ah, so you aren’t attracted to him anymore. That sucks but I guess that is what happens with online dating. You can look your best in a photo and hide the rest. Shame. I have been pretty manic myself today. Now I’m tired. And it’s still morning haha.

      • Wait wait! I didn’t say I wasn’t attracted to him anymore. But it was disappointing he didn’t look like his profile pic. But I guess I can look past that, we had some amazing conversations so far. He’s local which is a definite plus. And he is very nice and giving me space. I know its morning here too and I’m not in the least bit tired! Extra manic day for me!

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Sounds like you’ve got the female equivalent of a hard on for this guy. That’s sweet. Hopefully he is giving you space because he likes you and not because he is chatting with other girls. I don’t trust people often though because they are often not what they seem/full of shit.

      • I often think that way too. I am hopeful though that this time will be different. I try to see the good in people. I have no ill will towards anyone. I feel its unhealthy to carry anger around in my heart.

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Well tahrs good that you can be that way. I can’t say that I’m the same as it would be fake. Saying anything about being trusting or that things will be better next time seems like crap. I’ve been hurt too many times. I want love, sure, of course. And I know that I can be the most amazing partner. I mean, I’m caring and romantic (not to mention giving). I am not going to beg people to accept me like I’m not worth anything 😉

      • As you shouldn’t! I am starting to realize that I have to trust people more as well as myself. That takes hard work. Not being able to trust people will hold you back from finding love. I think its important to try and trust a little bit, even if it means just having a good friend 😉

      • davidtalks13 says:

        I don’t think we find love. Love finds us. The more we try, the more we fail. We just have to be ourselves and let the chips fall where they may! And you seem like a catch!

      • Awww thanks! I really don’t feel like a catch these days. This bipolar is really messing with my sleep. I missed an entire day! Now the world is drifting off to sleep and my day is just starting. I feel so alone right now. I hate bipolar. Fuck you Bipolar!!!!

      • davidtalks13 says:

        I know what you mean. It was 4AM before I knocked off. Funny that you don’t see yourself as a catch. There must be something about you though right? Otherwise why would I be talking to you ?

      • davidtalks13 says:

        If you ever wanna chat, I can on Skype now x

  2. Dawn says:

    If he was drunk, he was probably hoping for something dirty. As for why the obsession with pictures…well, if he’s not spending time with you in person, it’s all he’s got. Meet him. If you click, great, you’ll get over the picture thing, if not, you can move on and he can just leer at your profile 😉

  3. Hi, L..
    I’ve been busy with off line meet ups..
    It’s hard to write a story without texts or messages , lol..
    I’m working on one off line story now.
    Thanks for liking mine new one.
    You are cool, way to go, girl
    J from toronto

    • Hey J from Toronto,

      No problem girlfriend, us chicas have to stick together. You did a great job with your new post. Was a real interesting read. Hope to see more of it in the future!

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