Dating For Geeks!

abigbang33So it’s possible don’t you think? Bazinga! With geekdom and nerddom more popular nowadays, the days of being a geek isn’t that much “in the closet” as it used to be.  Being an avid Star Trek/Star Wars/Lord of the Rings fanatic isn’t as hidden as it used to be as well.  Well so what do us geeks do when we want a date?  Geek2Geek is the answer! This website isn’t as well known as some of the others but its out there.  But they lure you in.  If you’re desperate enough and someone “winks” at you the only way you can send them a message and take the relationship a step further is if you pay for a subscription.   Yes folks, that’s how they get you.  I have been on this site for years now, and I haven’t gotten any good results, but that may have changed.

I recently had a “wink” from a potential mate, and I signed up for a month subscription because I wanted to send him a message, being as desperate for some geek contact as I am.  Seems that chatting the old fashioned way wasn’t getting me the geeky match I was craving.  Anyway, after paying the $13 bucks, I sent him a message and what do you know the guy doesn’t even log back in to check it!  GOODBYE 13 bucks.  What a waste.  As you may have figured, this would have left me discouraged.  Till I get a message from a new potential mate.  We have exchanged several witty emails so far, but New Potential Mate, lets call him NPM, is local, charming, and very funny.   As a matter of fact I’m starting to think that Geek2Geek isn’t a bad website, its just that they are highway robbers when you want to contact anyone on the site.

So I give it 2 out of 5 stars.  Even with NPM, I still think its unfair that you have to pay to message someone.   I understand they have to make money but DAM!  Loosen your reigns a little would you Geek2Geek?  For those trying to find love in all your geekiness, I would at least check out the site.  I mean what do you have to lose other than your 13 bucks?  Is 13 bucks worth finding your potential mate?  Well if you’re spending hours on Plenty Of Fish and OKcupid to no avail searching through hundreds of Mr. Wrongs, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad investment.

Lets see where it goes with NPM.  Stay Tuned.

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One Response to Dating For Geeks!

  1. davidtalks13 says:

    Wow. Actually sounds like a pretty amazing website. I actually would love to have a girlfriend. Check. I would love even more to have a geeky hot girlfriend.

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