Online Dating and Chatroom Adventures

couple-sitting-on-computer-keyboard-online-datingSo what’s the secret?  They say that 1 out of 5 relationships happen online and more than a third of marriages start out on a online dating site.  So there must be some truth to it right?  Somebody is doing something right?  HAHA.  YOU WISH it was that easy. The truth of the matter it is, its extremely hard to find your mate online.  The sites like Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid are out there to lure you in with dreams of online bliss with your mate.  But after you have weeded out all the creeps, the stalkers, the “too good to be true” guys, what if you meet someone and he just disappears?  I have gone through this stage many times.  The guy just up and leaves and decides you’re not worth his time anymore?  How does this happen and why does this happen?

I have to say it.  I might get electronically kicked in the face by whoever is reading this but ladies, we are just too damn needy.  Yes we are.  We are broken.  We are tired.  Then we go on these websites to hope we find our true love?  Not gonna happen.  And if it does it won’t happen easily.  What’s my personal take on it?  I have given up completely.  Not the healthiest thing, being 33, living off of your parents with no job and no prospects for a husband.  I am also fat which doesn’t help.  And before you say “no you’re not fat” let me stop you right there. 200 pounds at 5 feet = F A T.  And lets face it, when you go on these websites all men are looking for is a nice slim, slender sexy woman.  Fatties and BBWs (big beautiful women), need not apply.  Its all about appearance folks.  Is this coming from a cynical and bitter woman? You’re damn right it is!  Add to it that I’m bipolar which means I’m automatically put in a category of “crazy”.

So how do I cope?  And what do I do to date?  I go in chatrooms! Paltalk is a great place to meet people and chat it up!  I think this is better than a dating website because its a LIVE Bar.  When you’re on OKCupid and Plenty of Fish, you’re at the same online bar but with a different set of rules.  I have learned in my online exploits that chatting online can be better than online dating.  There is no pressure of meeting right away which I am totally down for.  I like chatting.  Who am I kidding, I love it!!!!  That is once you weed out the “Hi sexy” “Your lips are so kissable” assholes.  Oh yes and the “Wanna watch me cum” assholes.  Who would want to see you cum?  Yeah like the highlight of my day is watching a disgusting penis jerking off to a camera.  I have enough trouble getting one of those things in my mouth let alone watch one, which is probably a very small one at that.

But chatroom adventures are fun.  People are there and they want to have a conversation. That’s the whole point of chatting.  And who knows, maybe one of them can be a future husband!  I know its far fetched, but I’m not exactly searching and desperately looking.  I think that’s the problem.  Desperation.  I have been in that place.  Oh have I ever.  I must have went through 60 or 70 guys before I met my ex-boyfriend.  I did the whole OkCupid Plenty Of Fish dating game.  Its not for me.  I will suck it up and pay the $60.00 for the three month membership for Eharmony when I really want to get serious and stop fucking around.  People on that site don’t fuck around by the way.  It takes a lot of patience, but once you get through all the steps, you can find your soul mate on there.  I almost did.  Was very close, but no cigar. Not yet anyway.

So don’t get discouraged!  If you’re in a dating slump and you’re tired of the websites, try chatting! It will get your mind off of things, and you can interact with literally hundreds of people at the same time!  Although the title may be misleading, I don’t have any particular chatroom adventures to share.  Wait that’s not true!  I met a guy online last night.  Paul. What a character he was.  We chatted it up for hours.  I even added him to my Facebook (which I never do), but he earned it by putting up with me for three hours.  Anyway, Paul goes off to bed and I think that’s it right?  Wrong!  Paul comes back and sends out a group message to all his buddies on his chat list – “anyone up for some camming fun”?  Boy was I on the wrong list!  After several more invites for cam fun I started getting irritated. So feeling adventurous, I decided to be queen bitch and tell him, “you’re not the guy I thought you were, I am defriending you on Facebook and kindly take me off your buddy list please”.    This spawns several messages pleading with me telling me I was on the wrong list, and he is sorry.  You know what?  Genius, just create a hider username for your cam adventures!    Its not that hard,  LOL.

Anyway, the point is, you never know who is out there online, so chat it up! Enjoy yourselves! You never know, Prince Charming could be out there just waiting for you to find him!  Stay tuned……

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25 Responses to Online Dating and Chatroom Adventures

  1. davidtalks13 says:

    Two things.

    1) 200lbs and 5ft is nothing. Chunky perhaps. But guys love a bit of junk in the trunk

    2) that girl in the pic can sit on my shift key whenever she likes.

  2. davidtalks13 says:

    By the way – cam adventures is such a nice way to say pee pee time.

    • Oh yes! The marvelous pee pee! I swear, there are so many dudes that just whip it out on cam. Its like BAM! Here’s my penis. Dudes need to put it away. Its not at all attractive. 🙂

      • davidtalks13 says:

        No, it is more like the last chicken in the shop window look.

      • davidtalks13 says:

        You are totally quiet tonight!

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Where did you go, I miss you,
        Your wit was quite amusing
        You asked me for a chat ID
        But now you are allusive.

      • I did ask for a chat ID, because that’s what I love to do! That’s my thing. I didn’t become elusive but there was nothing else left to say, so I moved on. I hope you didn’t take offense to that….

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Noooo why would I take offense to someone who just decided to move on while I was trying to chat to them?

      • Well, I really don’t like my conversations out in the open on my blog, that’s mainly the reason why. I hope you can understand that.

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Yeah of course I can. I’m just in a pissy mood because you were a good laugh.

      • And I love to laugh! But anyone reading my blog would think what the hell is all this???!!! Not that I care THAT much, but its awkward, and I’m as awkward as it is already!

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Haha yeah me too. I don’t give a shit what people think to be honest. I’m a loner and a loser already so it can’t get much worse ;). But fuck em!

      • Well they are my loyal readers, so I wouldn’t say fuck em. But just know that if you ever change your mind and want a friend to chat with, I’m available.

      • davidtalks13 says:

        Well it’s nice to see that you care so much about your readers. Actually, I would really like to chat with you but I don’t even have a messenger to do that sort of stuff. But whatever! Have to keep the followers happy!

      • Well getting a messanger is easy as 1-2-3. The best one is yahoo, quick and easy. But I understand your caution. I get so caught up in the chatting world, real life seems to pass me by constantly. If you ever decide to get it, let me know, I will be here, just reading, commenting, and lurking around!

  3. Rockstar1970 says:

    May I give you a guys view of online dating?? First off, I am a good looking man. I don’t shy away from that fact. Look me up online and decided if I am right or not. That being said, I can walk into a bar and gain the attention of every woman in the house… Not so much online. I feel like I am the plague on dating sites. IF I get one message per week it is a miracle. And yes, I am selective about who I send messages to, I rarely get responses from those that I do send out.

    I get it, women are hammered by “here is a pic of my [member]” constantly, but trust… There are good guys out there. I am chivalrous, I cook, I can hold an amazing conversation, I write, I play guitar… I am not crazy… I do not do drugs… Yes, I smoke, but we all have a vice or two.

    My point here is this… We all have a much harder time in the online dating scene that we should have to. It’s because it is more akin to window shopping than real life. You could pass up my photos and my profile’s write up online for whatever reason, but meet me (or anyone) in a bar, or on the street, or anywhere… And you MUST assign some humanity to them. The become a real person, because they are. Online, they are just a “persona” in the vast sea of personas.

    I actually met a Pandora on twitter. 140 characters at a time. It can work, if you open up to the fact that there are real, good, and honest people, out there! With real lives, and real cares… Don’t get jaded by the wannabes. It only hurts you in the long run.

    • I get it! I know exactly what you’re talking about. The point is I’m not just “shopping”, I’m just chatting and most of the time they are faceless, unless they are willing to share a picture with me. But I totally understand what you’re saying. Glad you met someone on twitter. That’s great! I am sure you are a great guy, and among all the sea of online profiles I can imagine that it would be quite frustrating. Keep your head up man! There are real people out there 🙂

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