Life has a Way of Telling and Showing you things……..


Where do we I go from here?  That question has plagued me all my life.  Life is a gift and it is precious.  I am bipolar. crying and whining about my horrible life, sinking deep into depression, drinking my life away.

Then it happened.  I was going outside to get some air, when I just tripped and fell on the backyard pool covering and busted up my face and mouth.

Sitting in the hospital with my lips merged with my teeth, I sat there thinking will I be deformed forever?  That’s a realization that came to me.  Here I am complaining and crying about how horrible my life is and now I could be deformed.  It was an eye opener.

Life is precious, our journey is not written.  It is made for us for love every moment, and enjoy every second with those we love or have loved.  I sat in my room every day after work just letting the days and nights overlap and blur in this mundane thing called life.

Being bipolar and being depressed and pouring my heart out is what I do best.  Writing isn’t my best gift, but when I have a message I usually think I should put it out there.

Live life everyday.  When you look in the mirror tell yourself you are beautiful no matter what, because one day that beautiful face can be shattered with one slip and fall.  I learned that.  I have to see a plastic surgeon to see if it can be repaired, but I am hopeful it will be.  I miss my big beautiful smile.  Wow what a lesson.  Love your life.  Love who you are.

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