Wondering about this thing called “Life”

Grand_Universe_by_ANTIFAN_REALThe universe.  We are all in it.  Having a bipolar mind, I touched all sorts of extremes that took me beyond this universe.  So since I traveled on my journey, and had to come back this so called “normal life” the days aren’t exciting.

Someone once told me the internet can be viewed as a single entity.  Where is flows and has a particular mood like we do.  What will my words do when I add them out into the internet?  Will its mood change too?

Depression that cripples me, drunken stupors that dominate me, is this what life is?  What are aliens saying when they look at us?  Are they afraid to come back?  Or did humans just make up the whole ideas of aliens in their heads as part of their psychosis?

Sir Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci.  Now they had some ideas.  I wonder what they would blog about.

Can’t hold a single thought.  Its all flowing from all over the place.  Grant me strength.

May praying help?  Who would I be praying too?  Is Jesus in my heart?  What would he think of the world today.  All the texting and hectic escapades the human race just scurries along and does.

We are rats you know.  In one big experiment.  I feel trapped.  Going in circles.  That one person holding the cheese going, “come on have another drink.”

Alcoholics Anonymous.  Man all that preachy shit they teach.  I can’t get on board with some of their ideas.

Empowerment, please grant me some.  I have never felt more alone now in my life than I ever have.

The earphones with no music

The car with no engine

The phone with no reception

The paycheck with no money

The heart with no soul.

This is my abyss.  This is my life.

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