Drunken stupor replay….

drunk_woman_lead_gallery__600x392-420x0So here we go again,  late afternoon, couldn’t run out of work fast enough.  So I decided for the drunken replay.  Sit down peacefully in a diner with a glass of wine and a nice book.  Glass number one.  Looking dignified.  Glass number two.  The pages start to look blurry.  Already?  I thought I had a high tolerance.  Glass number three.  Pull out the phone and start reading on word.press peoples misadventures in online dating.  Glass four……glass ten……

Yeah.  So being bipolar causes this?  I don’t think so.  You’re a drunk kiddo, deal with it.  You have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  Yeah cause you pass out after coming home for a few hours then wake up, now you’re up all night.  No bueno chica.

Well one thing I do regret.  The pages are sticky from the drool in my book.  Not attractive, but mildly entertaining is my sticky book.  And its not porn so its not even not that kind of sticky.  But then again I don’t shoot out anything so it wouldn’t be that kind of sticky.  Ok my mind totally went somewhere else with that.

Carry on.  Bipolar round twenty-five – onward we go….

Stay tuned.

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