“Your Blue 2003 Corolla Looks Nice in Your Driveway” (the world of online dating)

blue corollaYeah he said it.  He went there.  Funny thing is I may have told him my what my car was a lifetime ago, (around three years ago)  Hopefully he comes across my blog and I get to put him on blast for being a creep.

So ladies beware in the world of online dating.  I have had my share, like the one night stands, and “this pussy is mine now” guys, but come on, do you really have to be that weird?

I never met him.  I knew him on AOL.  For those of you who don’t know, those are for people who are too lazy to actually go on websites and make a profile, so they troll chatrooms looking for women.  Needless to say, I fell victim to the ever so charismatic asshole.  Shortly after figuring this guy had a few screws loose, I deleted him from my contacts and now sign on as “invisible” every time I am on AOL.  Thanks jerk off.  Now I have to hide.  Why don’t I just change my screename?  Why do I have to?  When I can just cower and hide?  LOL.  I can laugh about it though.  For every time I sign on AOL and I am “visible” a name I don’t recognize never fails to Instant Message me with the same old sorry line “your 2003 blue corolla looks nice in your driveway”.

It is beyond me why he does this or why he even remembers after all this time, but I am quite certain, this is where he gets his “jollies”.  I of course entertain him.  That’s when I am not cowering, naturally.  I usually just say “I just gave it a wash, come on by” then I block him for my own shits and giggles.  Which in turn causes him to Instant Message me from another screename.  Oh the world of the crazy.  I don’t envy you.

Then again I am bipolar.  So I may be just as fucking crazy too.

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1 Response to “Your Blue 2003 Corolla Looks Nice in Your Driveway” (the world of online dating)

  1. Summer says:

    This is really creepy Be careful!!

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