The Zsa Zsa Zuu (those butterflies ladies)



So do you feel it?  Do you feel it when you’re with your guy?  Carrie Bradshaw described it best when she was thinking of Jack Berger.  For those few ladies that don’t know what the Zsa Zsa Zuu is, its that feeling you get when you meet someone you really really like. That sort of lovey, butterflies feeling when you just want to be with someone.  But the point is, where do we draw the line and settle for the companion?  I am at those crossroads.  I am at the two year mark when you know where you are in the relationship.

So where am I?  NOWHERE.  Two years and I am nowhere.  Nowhere close to finding out how the man I love feels about me.  Having the bipolar makes me question my feelings.  When did I become just dependent on him?  What happened to my self acceptance?  Am I just looking for the Zsa Zsa Zuu and settled for the Zsa Zsa Ew?  (That’s what happens when Zsa Zsa Zuu goes bad).

But I know one thing.  I love my man.  He may not give me the Zsa Zsa Zuu, (although seeing my man sporting his beard did give me some butterflies), but he is my mate.  Sometimes we just need a companion you know?  One who will be there for all time.  Who won’t leave you.  Who won’t give you the triangle of drama that you see on Jerry Springer. GAH!

I have my mate, maybe not the Zsa Zsa Zuu, but a partner for life.

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