Love the beard!!!!

kissing_965824So, I see him.  WOW.  That is my boyfriend? God he is hot.  So I figured I would say something nice in my blog instead of all the mean spirited dribble.  I love my boyfriend.  Oh god and he grew the beard.  Why do I think its so sexy?  Is it the masculinity?  I don’t know why I love the facial hair so much, even when I kissed him I couldn’t stop touching it.

Dudes, grow beards.  Some girls think that is sexy.  Some girls think its so damn sexy they wake up having wet dreams because they were dreaming of your sexy beard face buried in their chest! WOW.  Kiss me anytime with your sexy beard! Yeah yesterday was a good day.  Phew!  Getting a hot flash and I am not even in my 40’s!  No cyber-sex needed with any creepy online men for the next few days.  Dreaming about my boyfriend too much.  Phew.  What a sexy man…..

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