You’re working, Time to rip away your benefits….

Head in Hands

So yeah.  Woke up today.  Not sure what kind of journal I want.  They call it journals now right?  Oh no they use the term “blog”.  What a screw up I am.  I wake up every day.  Feeling like complete doo doo.  Of course I can let out a slew of raunchy sailor swear words, but that’s not the type of blog I want.  I sit in my room and have cyber sex with strangers.  Wow.  I have sunk a new low.  What did I do today?  Squat.  You know I am one of those miserable people living off of the government while trying to go back to work.  I can’t handle another 40-50 hour work week.  I did it for ten years.  You know I am being called the “entitlement” generation.  Why because I worked my butt off and now that I can’t because I am a psychotic mess and I want to collect money I PUT INTO, I’m not allowed to?  Do people really expect you to work for 65 years?  What if  I drop dead before that?  I was headed that way with the way my mania used to get on.  All those hotel rooms and sleepless nights running all over Manhattan chasing a star I thought was Jesus.  Miracles that I didn’t get slammed into by a nutso yellow cabbie.

So eff you rich bastards, I am going to mooch off the government.  I am bipolar and I won’t make it to my 65th birthday.  I don’t think I will live much longer.  I am fat and my heart races all the time.  Here you come heart attack, take me.  I will be damned if I let some Taco Bell employee live off MY social security because I will be dead.  I am taking it now, and eff you if you don’t like it.  I paid into it.  I need it.

Reason for this rant: well I went back to work recently because I wanted to see how I can handle it.  It ain’t going so well ladies and gentleman.  That job is stressing me the hell out.  Don’t get me wrong its something I wanted to do, but hell, give me a break, I’m just trying to do the right thing here.  Then the letters come in the mail from the  “Disability Decisions Department”.  Already?  I have been working 6 months, time to rip away her benefits and let her work like a dog till she drops dead and pay into social security some more so we can give away all her hard earned money.  EFF U!

Man, the world we live in.  Am I really the “entitlement” generation?  Did I buy an IPhone and a Mercedes?  NO YOU A**HOLE I DIDN’T.  I help my parents out with their mortgage because they will lose their house.  I help with groceries so my family doesn’t starve.  I went back to work because I feel guilty about collecting and not contributing.  And now I have to answer to the “Disability Decisions Department”.  What an effed up system.

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