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Learning to hold back, (when you call your boyfriend too much)

Being bipolar is tough.  Sometimes you are pulling your hair out because you want to talk to your guy (girl) all the time, and you slowly get the feeling they are sick of you.  With this barrage and mixed state … Continue reading

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Drunken stupor replay….

So here we go again,  late afternoon, couldn’t run out of work fast enough.  So I decided for the drunken replay.  Sit down peacefully in a diner with a glass of wine and a nice book.  Glass number one.  Looking … Continue reading

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Waking up with Bipolar

Its unpredictable.  Its a challenge.  You wake up every morning not knowing what the day will bring. I am always tired.  Just dragging.  Like my body is saying give up you piece of shit why bother.  Picking at the horrible … Continue reading

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“Your Blue 2003 Corolla Looks Nice in Your Driveway” (the world of online dating)

Yeah he said it.  He went there.  Funny thing is I may have told him my what my car was a lifetime ago, (around three years ago)  Hopefully he comes across my blog and I get to put him on … Continue reading

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Power of Acceptance buried deep in a Bipolar Universal Soul

In a bipolar mind, we hate everything.  We lay in bed depressed, hating our life and everything in it.  Then a moment of clarity.  That moment when you realize, you have everything, why are you so upset?  Are you that … Continue reading

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Inside the Head of A Bipolar Mind

This is a candid and honest look inside my past. It all comes back to me in blurs. Following a star all over the streets of Manhattan.  Dam you are fucked up. It is 2004. He didn’t love me. Or … Continue reading

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The Zsa Zsa Zuu (those butterflies ladies)

  So do you feel it?  Do you feel it when you’re with your guy?  Carrie Bradshaw described it best when she was thinking of Jack Berger.  For those few ladies that don’t know what the Zsa Zsa Zuu is, … Continue reading

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